The Humble ISD Police Department Emergency Response Team consists of select sworn personnel who have received specialized training. ERT officers must complete frequent firearms qualifications and intensive building search and hostage situation training. ERT consists of two teams. 

   The Mission of the ERT Team is to save lives. To that end, it is the ERT's primary responsibility to respond to active shooters,  barricaded persons, hostage incidents, emotionally disturbed persons who pose a threat to the district, and sniper incidents. In addition, the Humble ISD ERT functions as a mobile, flexible force for special police problems that require a highly trained, specially equipped and disciplined unit. Special problems that may require a ERT Team response include civil disturbances, surveillance, security details, and special assignments from the Chief of Police. ERT members are officers drawn primarily from the Patrol Division, extensively trained and functioning part-time, as needed, in their ERT role. The ERT is a co-lateral assignment meaning that team members have regular assignments such as patrol and detectives. When ERT is activated, team members are released from their normal assignment until the ERT operation is concluded.  Team members are required to maintain a high level of physical fitness and firearms proficiency.  Team members attend many hours of training including basic and advanced SWAT schools and specialized training in tactics, munitions and firearms.

   This tactical unit is specially trained and equipped to handle incidents that are beyond the scope and nature of the patrol division.  Their objective is to end 'critical incidents' safely using advanced equipment, tactics, and knowledge not available to the standard patrol officer.   

A ‘critical incident’ is any situation where there is an elevated risk or potential injury to the suspect, officer, or innocent bystander, and generally involves an armed person who poses a significant risk of harm to himself or others.

Duties & Responsibilities:

COMMANDER:  The ERT Commander is responsible for presenting tactical operations for the safe resolution of an incident.  Additional responsibilities range from the selection and training of a SWAT Officer to maintaining administrative and logistical records.

TEAM LEADER:  The Team Leader is a senior ERT Officer who has been selected to command the entry team in a high risk situation.

TEAM MEMBER:   An Officer trained in the use of special weapons and tactics who is utilized in various capacities which include: inner perimeter security, building entry and suspect apprehension, hostage rescue, team security, delivery of chemical agents, anti-sniper techniques, dignitary protection.

SCOUTS:  A two man team that is sent out ahead of the main body of the team to ascertain any information that will assist in the safe deployment of the team.

UTILITY MAN:  The Utility Man carries additional equipment and a fully stocked back pack and is considered Rear Security for the team.  He is armed with a shotgun to deploy chemical weapons and breaching rounds.

BREACHER:  Team members that are responsible for forcibly opening secured doors and clearing blocked avenues of entrance for the ERT team to make their entry.

GAS TEAM:  Two man teams that deploy chemicals into a structure.

MARKSMAN:  A ERT Officer trained in the use of a scoped rifle.

Potential team members participate in an exhaustive selection process that includes the following:

• Physical agility test
• Tactical firearms qualification
• Oral interview with team leaders
• Performance review
• ERT Commander approval

The ERT Mission Statement:
Recognizing that the presence of a highly trained, highly skilled police tactical unit has been shown to substantially reduce the risk of injury or loss of life to citizens, police officers and suspects; and recognizing that a
well managed "team" response to critical incidents usually results in successful resolution of critical incidents, it is the intent of the Humble ISD Emergency Response Team to provide a highly trained and skilled tactical team as a resource for the Humble ISD Police Department to utilize in the handling of critical incidents.

History of the Emergency Response Team

The idea of a specialized tactical unit has long been used in the military. As far back as the Revolutionary War, specialized sharpshooters and tactical units were used to handle situations beyond the training and ability of regular field forces.

    The concept of a Special Weapons and Tactics Team was first implemented by the Los Angeles Police Department. Since then, law enforcement agencies across the country have adopted the concept. No matter which acronym is used (SWAT, SRT, ERT) these teams of highly trained professionals are used to resolve the most hazardous law enforcement incidents.

    Due to the fact that the Humble ISD Police Department operates as a specialized police department, the Humble ISD Police Emergency Response Team has taken the concept of a traditional police tactical unit and modified the tactics and operations for a school environment.  Our training and tactical objectives are concentrated in the areas of active shooter situations, crisis negotiations, hostage rescues, bus assaults, suicidal persons, natural and manmade disaster situations and many other areas that would be beneficial to the protection and safety of the district. 

    The humble ISD Police Department has trained with many other tactical operations units in the Houston area including Houston Metro Police SWAT team (who specialize in bus assaults) and the Harris County Sheriff's Department Emergency Response Team (who specialize in the handling of large groups of people in a crisis situation.)

    In our continued growth as a professional police tactical unit, the Humble ISD Emergency Response Team will continue to train hard to keep up with the needs of the district.  We are proud to serve you.

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