The Humble ISD Police Dept. Emergency Communications Center is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and is the hub for all means of communications for the department and after hour needs for the district. The department's communications operators are trained and certified in use of the State and National Law Enforcement Information and Telecommunications Systems, and the computer aided dispatch system. Operators are also responsible for the monitoring and dispatch of security and fire system alarms and maintenance referrals or system failures to service personnel. Campus and district facility surveillance systems are also monitored through the communications operations center. The department currently staff's five telecommunications operators who are supervised by the Administrative Services Sergeant and the Telecommunications Supervisor.

Communications Equipment


The Humble ISD Police Department utilizes mobile and portable radios in the 800 MHz range. We are currently in the process upgrading our radio system to provide compliance with APCO Project 25 recommendations of moving from an Analog to a Digital system. This will provide us with better quality communications and greater security of the system. In the future we are working on increasing our interoperability capabilities. This means being able to talk on the radio with the different agencies that respond in our area. The Federal Government is looking at re-banding radio spectrums so that Public Safety Agencies can relocate to the 700 MHz range. The radios which are being purchased for the APCO Project 25 project will also be capable of being programmed to the 700 MHz frequency.

Mobile Data Terminals (MDT)

The Humble ISD Police utilizes MDT terminals in some of the newer patrol units . Officers are able to access Harris COunty DA software to file criminal charges, access the NCIC and TCIC criminal databases as well as the internet for a vast number of emergency response features.  In the future, the communications personnel will be able to assign calls via CAD directly to an MDT terminal.  We will also have on board mapping and the ability to fill out departmental forms in the field on the MDTs. 



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