The Humble ISD Police Department began in 1993, when Mr. Don Maddox was hired by the district as security coordinator. In January 1994, the Humble ISD board of trustees voted to make application to the state for a school district police department and the application was approved in February of the next year. Don's title changed to Chief of Police, and several security officers were hired.

    In December, 2003, Mr. Maddox retired and Captain Solomon Cook was promoted to Chief of Police. Chief Cook has been with Humble ISD since 1996, and was a police officer with the City of Humble before coming to Humble ISD.

    The department has grown to include 30 police officers and 5 security officers. The patrol fleet has grown to 22 units including several Dodge Charger patrol cars and Ford Expedition SUVs. Our fully equipped, marked patrol vehicles are utilized 24 hours a day by the patrol division.  The police department personnel patrol the district's facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and respond to alarms and calls for service. Our officers issue citations, complete offense reports, and make arrests.  Officers also provide security at district athletic events and other campus functions. Our fleet also includes several unmarked vehicles for investigations as well as three vehicles that are assigned for use in the L.E.T.S. and G.R.E.A.T. programs.

    The growth of the district has called for the placement of full time police officers at ALL of the district's high schools and one middle school.  A full time Security Officer has been assigned to each high school to assist the campus officers with parking and traffic as well as one Security Officer who is assigned to Atascocita Middle School. 

    As with all law enforcement agencies, continuous training is an important part of our police department. Over a quarter of our district's police officers are certified TCLEOSE instructors.  In order to maintain our state license, our officers must complete 40 hours of training every 2 years. Chief Cook makes every attempt to schedule these training classes during times when school is not in session.  Our Field Training Program consists of a team of our highest trained officers, hand picked by the Chief of Police, and then sent through a rigorous Field Training Officer (FTO) school.  After completion of this school, the new Field Training Officers (FTOs)  train new officers.  The FTO course is a 8 week course that each new officer must complete.  The FTOs train, guide, and critique every new officer in every aspect of what is expected of them.  The FTOs report directly to the FTO commander, Sgt. T. Stanford, who reports these findings directly to the Chief.

    The Humble ISD Police Department's officer are currently located at 341 Charles Street in Humble. 

Humble ISD Police
1703 Wilson Road
Building "E"
Humble, Texas 77338
Telephone: 281-641-7900 Fax:
Police Chief: Solomon Cook