The Criminal Investigation Division of the Humble ISD Police Department provides investigative services
to the citizens within the district. 

The Commander of the Criminal Investigation Division, Sergeant James Hall, is responsible for coordinating,
supervising and administrating the daily activities of the division. 

It is the responsibility of the Investigation Division to identify and interview witnesses and suspects,
gather evidence and prepare cases for criminal prosecution through the juvenile, district and superior
court. I

The Humble ISD Police Department requires the Investigators to undergo an extensive and
comprehensive training in the field of Criminal Investigations.  Investigators have attended specialized
investigative training in such areas as Homicide Investigations, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Investigations,
Crime Scene Processing and Preservation of Evidence.

Need more information on our Criminal Investigations Division?  Please contact Sergeant J. Hall ,
Division Commander at 281-641- 7900, Voicemail:281- 641- 7906 or


The Investigator will:

1.      Respond to calls when needed

2.      Be responsible for assigning cases to other officers as needed

3.      Accept cases only after all follow-ups are completed by the patrol officer

4.      Be responsible for the following:

a.       Filing reports and cases (open, closed, or suspended)

b.      Respond to after hours calls as needed

c.       Crime scene searches and collection of evidence

d.      Conducting internal investigation

Most Commonly Filed Charges

   Charges                                                                             Place Law can be Found

Disruption of Classes

Education Code 37.124

Disruption of Transportation

Education Code 37.126

Possession of Alcohol by a Minor

Texas Alcohol Beverage Code 106.071

Possession of Tobacco Product by a Minor

Health & Safety Code 161.252

Smoking Tobacco on School Property

Texas Penal Code 48.01

Criminal Mischief

Texas Penal Code 28.08

False Report to Police Officer / Law Enforcement Employee

Texas Penal Code 37.08


Texas Penal Code 31.03

Failure to Identify

Texas Penal Code 38.02


Texas Penal Code 47.02

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Health & Safety Code 481.125


Texas Penal Code 22.01

Disorderly Conduct (abusive, indecent, profane or vulgar language)

Texas Penal Code 42.01

Disorderly Conduct (offensive gesture)

Texas Penal Code 42.01

Disorderly Conduct (noxious & unreasonable odor by chemical means)

Texas Penal Code 42.01

Disorderly Conduct (threatens a person in an offensive manner)

Texas Penal Code 42.01

Disorderly Conduct (make unreasonable noise in public place)

Texas Penal Code 42.01

Disorderly Conduct (fights with another in a public place)

Texas Penal Code 42.01

Disorderly Conduct (exposes anus or genital in public place)

Texas Penal Code 42.01

Trespass on School Grounds

Education Code 37.107

Failure to Attend School

Education Code 25.094





















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