The Patrol Division is the most visible part of any police agency. They are the first to arrive when help is required anywhere and anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Humble ISD Police Department's Patrol Division is under the command of Sgt. B. Brown on day shift,  Sgt. M. Saldivar on evening shift and rounding off the team is night shift supervisor Corporal J. Campbell.

   The Patrol Division engages in aggressive patrol and crime prevention; it conducts preliminary investigations of most crimes, and the complete investigation of others; it prepares reports relating to crimes or incidents and makes arrests accordingly. The Patrol Division provides a variety of services to the district and public, and generally functions as a guardian of public peace. Patrol officers are also called upon to respond to mutual aid requests from other communities.  In addition to their daily duties, Patrol Division personnel perform a variety of specialty functions which contributes to the overall mission effectiveness of the department.

  The patrol division is responsible for covering nearly 100 square miles that makes up the Humble ISD.  The district includes 2 cities; The City of Humble and The City of Houston (Kingwood). A large percentage of the district lies within unincorporated Harris County including the Atascocita area.

   Many significant arrests occur as a direct result of complaints received directly from students, school administrators and parents, as well as citizens coming forward and reporting in-progress crimes.  These crimes included vehicle burglaries, robberies, sexual assaults, arsons, assaults, and more. The Patrol Division has recorded a record number of arrests as well as citations issued.

   The Humble ISD Police Department is also proud to announce the introduction of several Chevrolet Tahoe and Fore Expedition patrol vehicles to the fleet obtained through government grants!


  The Humble ISD Police Department assigns Campus Officers to each of the high schools in the Humble ISD.. Campus Officers have many of the same duties as Patrol Officers. In addition, Campus Officers protect persons and property on the campus and prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the campus. The Campus Officers also work closely with campus administration, assisting with serious discipline issues and taking law enforcement action when necessary. Campus Officers are positive mentors and role models to students.



   The objective of the bicycle patrol is to provide an alternative police service in the most cost effective and beneficial manner possible. Each member of the unit rides a bicycle outfitted with the accessories necessary to respond to emergency situations. These include audible warning devices, flashing lights and first aid supplies. Officers also ride with all the personal equipment utilized by motor officers with the exception of long weapons.  Bicycles are widely used by Humble ISD Police campus officers.

The following are benefits of the bicycle unit as determined by the experiences of unit members:

Bicycles can move more freely in congested areas and can reach places inaccessible to police cruisers.
Bicycles provide stealth and allow officers to ride up to a scene before they are noticed.
Bicycles allow officers to be more approachable than do cruisers.
Bicycle officers set good examples to young riders as they promote helmet use and bike safety.
Bicycle use promotes good health and decreased healthcare costs.

Humble ISD Police
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Police Chief: Solomon Cook