The Support Services Division consists of specialized bureaus that address a wide spectrum of police services. The functions of these bureaus range from basic public services to the more police-oriented operations in support of the Patrol Division such as Communications and Fleet Operations. Diversity and flexibility are the primary requisites of the personnel assigned to the Support Services Division.

What does the Support Services do? 

Fleet Services

    If the fleet is not maintained, a police department simply cannot function.  A patrol car that is not running, or not running properly only endangers the lives of the public as well as the officers that use these vehicles.  It is imperative that the emergency equipment that the officers rely on every day is properly installed and functioning, thus creating a faster response to calls of service. The Support Services Division works closely with Humble ISD transportation personnel to ensure that our fleet of over 25 vehicles are working at their very best. 


    The Communications Division a a very vital part of any police department.  The very lives of citizens and Police Officers can hinge on the decisions that a communications officer makes.  The Support Services Division is responsible for the training records of all communications personnel, as well as the maintenance of the dispatch radios, OMNIXX Data Terminals, Video and Audio monitoring of equipped campuses and more.  Support Services also maintains the hand-held radios, the mobile radios (the ones in the police cars) and dash-cam video cameras and their digital files.


Oversees all technical and computer related issues and works closely with the Humble ISD Police Department in implementation, development and advancement in such issues. The bureau combines the working knowledge of a police officer and IT skills to apply new technological advancements to the police department that include desktop systems, laptop computers assigned to Officers and Investigators as well as the MDTs (Mobile Data Terminals) that are mounted in some of the patrol units. These MDT systems were just acquired by the department in early 2008 utilizing funds granted to the Humble ISD Police Department from the Harris County DA's Office as a result of a grant written by the Support Services Division.

The Information and Technology Bureau is responsible for the creation and maintenance of this web site.


    The Humble ISD Police Department Training Unit is responsible for maintaining commissioned and civilian employees’ training, both mandatory and voluntary and the records thereof. The training units primary responsibility is to research, write and present all training to the officers of the Humble ISD Police Department that is required by state statute and departmental policy. This includes basic, advanced and in-service training as well as legal reviews and officer safety tactics/issues. The training unit reviews actual incident reports, use of force reports and complaints along with state and federal trends to tailor each years training to address these issues. The unit also tracks each officers training and credit hours and submits these to the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement Standards and Education (TCLEOSE) which insures each officer remains state certified. Training also manages and directs the field officer training program which closely trains and monitors new police officers during their probationary tenure.

Grant Writing

    Applies for the majority of the grant funding and responsible for grant management for the entire department. Recently, the Support Services Division was responsible for the production of a successful grant request.  This grant, offered by the Harris County District Attorney's Office, will provide funding for badly needed bullet proof vests, mobile computers in the patrol units and new mobile radios for those patrol units that don't currently have one.

Part Time Police Personnel

    The Part Time Police Officer Program is comprised of fully certified Texas Peace Officers who work for the Humble ISD Police Department on a part time basis.  These officers are mostly professionals in other occupations outside of the Law Enforcement arena including business owners, full time fire fighters and medical personnel.  On their "off time" these officers provide countless hours of service to the school district and the community by assisting full time police personnel with many activities including: uniform operational support, patrol division support, Emergency Response Team, surveillance, house checks, and all athletic events.


    Working throughout the year with the Humble ISD Department of Human Resources, the training office actively recruits around the State. The Recruiter strives to get the best possible police employees and continually attends graduate classes at reputable colleges specializing in police curriculum to seek out these quality applicants. Also, the Recruiter provides new officers with their required equipment, training, and administers and coordinates the Field Training Officer and Evaluation Program and regulates the recruit officer/FTO assignments.

Special Events

All large district functions that need additional police services are reviewed by the Special Events Unit. Here it is determined what involvement is needed by the Humble ISD Police Department to ensure a safe event.

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